Every business needs a website. But how does one go about creating a website? There are plenty of online tools to help you create your site, and developers who can make your site exceptional. It can be hard to know which services are best suited to you and your needs. In this post I will outline a few options and their pros and cons.


WordPress is probably the most well-known site builder platform. Many entrepreneurs use this tool to create a website for themselves. WordPress allows users to choose from pre-made themes on their cheaper plans, and allows custom themes on the more expensive ones. Their paid plans range from 5$ to 33$ per month. Their platform is open-source, so you can install it on any server you want, like SiteGround, or GreenGeeks. Using plug-ins such as Yoast will up your SEO game, and Elementor will customize themes based on your specific needs. WordPress is great for certain uses, but if you are building an app it’s difficult to make exactly what you envision in a scalable way.


SquareSpace has no free plans, however they provide free-trials without the use of a credit card. They specialize in providing templates to create a website that looks beautiful and expertly made. Their themes are highly customize-able in a way that anyone can use. If you run into problems, they offer support for all users. Personally I love SquareSpace because of how easy they make it to have a professional-looking site.


SiteBuilder provides free templates that allow for drag and drop editing. Their hosting is free, and their analytics track the success of your site, giving insight into how it can be improved. SiteBuilder ranks highly among website creation platforms meant for people without experience in design or development.


Hiring a developer to create your website is another option. It will cost more up front, but may save you money in the long run. Many entrepreneurs who try to create a website or online business without a dev will end up needing to start from scratch later when they want to scale their product. Plus, a good web dev can help you design your site with UI & UX principles in mind. The finished site will be completely customized for you, your users, and your future plans.

You can work with a freelance developer or an agency, depending on your wants and needs. I created my site in consultation with Éphémère Creative, an agency that specializes in web and app development for mission-driven organizations and social entrepreneurs. While I used WordPress to build this site, it was only with the help of Éphémère that I was able to optimize it for my users.